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𖡡  Miami, Florida


Hi there, Captain! Nice to meet you :) My name is Trixie, the founder of Siren Shine Boat Care.

Just a girl who loves being on yachts & a girl who has a passion for cleaning & having fun.

Our Mission

Who said boat cleaning days have to be boring? Owning a boat is a luxury. Having pretty girls in bikinis on your boat is a luxury. If you combine the two, you get a lavish cleaning experience that you & your boat will both enjoy!

Every boat deserves a sirens magic touch.

 At Siren Shine Boat Care, our mission is to provide boat owners with a fun & unique cleaning experience.

Sit back & relax while we take care of your prized possession. 

What We Do

You can put your trust into the hands of our skilled sirens to give your boat a high quality cleaning. From the crevices of your boat seats, the deck floors, to the interior walls... we make sure every surface is meticulously cleaned, protected, & treated. Most boat owners underestimate the damage of what having dirt & grime sitting on your seats and floors can do, and the effect of UV rays on unmaintained boats. The longer you go without maintenance, your quicker your boat surfaces will erode, making it look dull and dingy. At Siren Shine Boat Care, we bring your boat back to life and make it look like a 5-Star Boat Resort so you can impress your guests.

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