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Let us give your boat that Siren Shine


Boat Seat Deep Clean +
Vinyl Coating Treatment

Boat seats require extra love and care to maintain their appearance, as they can degrade over time with use. Our sirens will eliminate all the gunk, sweat, and sunscreen residue, making your seats look brand new with their magic touch! This service also includes applying a protective clear vinyl coating as an aftercare step, using our top-tier 303 Aerospace Protectant. This coating repels stains and safeguards your seats from UV damage.


Full Interior Wipe Down + Detailing

Your boat should be treated like your home! Our sirens will go the extra mile to ensure everything is wiped down and sparkling clean for your next excursion. This attention to detail covers various areas, including bathrooms, refrigerators, microwaves, cabinets, countertops, organizing miscellaneous compartments, and surface polishing such as metals, among other requests.

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Total Deck Wash Down +
Non-skid Wax Treatment

Our sirens will employ their gentle magic touch to clean off all the dirt buildup from your deck floors. It's important not to use harsh scrubbers, as they can leave scratches and accumulate more dirt over time. Harsh cleaning chemicals can also erode and wear away your deck. After fully drying the deck, we carefully apply a non-skid wax treatment to the floor surface. This treatment is recommended once every two months to keep your non-skid floors shiny and in pristine condition, just like when you first bought them!

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